Elders Go Digital

If you have been following us for any length of time, then you know that the focus of this site has much to do with digital filmmaking or moviemaking. But other topics of interest could include education for the elderly. “Elderly” is a horrible word. Maybe that is because I myself am now a member. The “E” word immediately conjures up in my mind sad aging people, isolated and alone. But it does not have to be just that. One hopes that maybe those whose numeric digits indicating age are rising, could maybe still contribute to society, maybe even to the workforce.

That is why Movie Process, at least for this post, is choosing to see aging as opportunity. The fact is that a large amount of people on the planet are growing older as in “older older” older. And not everyone, including myself, start collecting acorns for the winter ahead. They kick themselves now because of this and whenever possible stress to others that whether it is enjoyable or not, it is never too young or too late to start saving and learning about investing.

And, thank goodness, it is getting easier and easier to learn a “Method How” to do something. Since we are in the information age it means we can quickly and efficiently find out knowledge we know that we need. And a great tool for this is the internet. So think of something you would love to be doing or accomplishing and search for online. Plow through the information carefully and learn how to implement the changes that could impact your life in a positive way. The best place to start is at the beginning.

A Movie or Any Form of Media often Needs a Good Website Domain Name

Movie Process

When this “Movie Process” site was created, the goal was to document movie process ideas that we had regarding alternative methods of making feature films and television programing. There was a fascination with processes and workflows and the impact they could have on how much time was spent as well as how many people were necessary behind the scenes.

A Key to Making a Movie is Having a Good Name for it As Well as Domain Name for Your Film’s Website

It has been getting tougher and more difficult to find domain names that are eight letters or less and no more than three words. This is due lately in a surge of domains being purchased in mass end then reselling them as “Premium” for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Thank Goodness for Domain Name Generators

That is why you must have a search strategy to find a domain that integrates the words trending and is short. This can be frustrating. Thankfully, there are some domain registrars who provide you with a “Domain Name Generator” which you search, and purchase sites have a mode where you can put in a keyword or two and see what is available.

Watch Out for “Premium Domains”

Be careful when using sites because it has been known to happen where you end up with a site where they tell you a domain name is available, only to find out it is yet another pathway to being asked to purchase a premium domain. A premium domain is simply a domain that a broker purchased and is sitting, knowing that there is someone out there for who this domain name is a perfect match for what they are doing. Even so much so to pay thousands of dollars for it.

If Your Life is a Movie, Can You Avoid a Clique Ending?

From feedback regarding last week’s email, it seems as though there was a misunderstanding.

If in Fact I Have a Sense of Humor, it is Very Dry

Sometimes what I see as an attempt at being satirical, is taken literally. I do not do “Ironic” very well. Last week’s email message was my poor attempt at being tongue-in-cheek. It was intended to come across like a bad script that is trying too hard until it become so so pseudo intellectual that is comical. Much like what I am writing right now.

Some of you thought it was real life, an incident that happened to me in Southern California. It was not. It. It was pure fiction, and poor fiction at that. Sorry for any misunderstanding.

Short Term Role

I am old enough to have made Super 8 films when I was a kid. My intention at 18 was to pursue what I had been doing since age 8, be a magician. I already had a nice side business doing birthday parties, fundraisers and even public performances in theaters and in some cases, magic with a storyline from start to finish. It was my passion, but then those Super 8 films changed everything. I had submitted them on video to an educator who was from a well-known arts family. Suddenly I was being asked to move to the city of angels, which I did, setting my magic wand and collapsible top hat to the side.

And finally, the Theme of of “Living Life as though in a Movie is Introduced!

I mention the just written series of details because it, for me, was a significant moment when I went from something I was genuinely good at (magic) and began to live a part that I had never intended to play which is that of a wanna be filmmaker with very little actual filmmaking talent but was in complete denial of this fact. And tragically, I portrayed this filmmaker character for literally decades. Even after moving to my beloved home since 1988, New York City, did even the reality-inducing Big Apple wake me up to the fact I had been cast in the movie known as my life with a possible tragic ending.

Saved by a Reflection I Never Saw Coming

And it wasn’t until, I was fast becoming and old man that I finally looked in the mirror and knew the sad truth. Ironic, because mirrors are great friends to magicians because they rehearse their tricks for hundreds and hundreds of hours. But no longer pursuing a career as a conjurer, myself and “looking glasses” never got together much. Why then, now, finally taking in “reality?” A much better part came about. A role I never saw coming but when I took it, turned out to be the most rewarding and an important experience for me in my life. One through which I finally found something far more important outside of myself. I became a parent. The most meaningful and important role that I have ever had. And of course, I am not unique with this. Many are having the same kind of experience.

How about You? Are You Living Out a Part?

Are you on the celluloid screen of your own making? If your life was a movie, how would it end? Tragic? Ambiguous? Happy? 

P.S. And by the way, this was not intended as a dry satire, although it may seem to be.It was “real life” if such a thing exists.

An Aha (Lightbulb) Moment for Filmmakers with Sales and Marketing Side Hustles

Tools to Help with Sales

One day, when you make that that movie you have been working on, maybe you can put your knowledge gained by doing sales and marketing toward promoting your career as a filmmaker. Meanwhile, we hope you will find some of these persuasion tools useful to you. You may have heard of some or even all of them, but it is always good to be reminded of what you know. We forget about that sometimes. A moment of revelation when the light switches on, can sometimes be as simple as being reminded that you know what you know..

Expertise: Are You in Charge of Your World?

A belief in you being an expert in your area of expertise, is always someone who is sought after. Those who are experts are highly valued, especially by those who need their assistant to solve a problem of theirs. So the trigger in this case is to not forget to let those who need you for your consultation abilities, how you can help them.

Spotlight: Make it About Them

There is a human desire to want to be recognized, to want attention. Needless to say, there are many reasons why this can occur. For some who are driven to be known, this comes as the result of circumstances in their past. That is why it is always a good idea to use the term “You” a lot in what you write and talk about. It seems there are those who cannot get enough of that word.

Identification: You are Like Them

You will likely have more positive results if in your copywriting you relate to the reader how you are much like they are. Clearly, this comes from having your sense of who the persona of your specific niche is. You must get letting them know the similarities you and they have. It will often give rise to them liking you more and are therefore more likely to enlist your services.

Trust: You Can Gain it, in Part Through Addressing their Objections

The reader or viewer will continue to have questions regarding whether they should trust you or not. Are you the correct expert who can supply them a solution? They have deeply rooted ideas of who they should have involved in their pursuit of their needs. They have many questions for you they want answered before giving you the green light. Anticipate and answer these questions in a manner that is much like an FAQ.

Guru: Be a Humble One Who has the Answers

A vital psychological trigger is conveying to them on a continual basis that you are plugged into the world of solutions to their problems. Therefore, they can rest easy with you. In short, you need to give them what they want. Provide them with ongoing reasons you are who they need to work with. Know what they want. Give it to them. There is no better way to succeed.

Picture: Show Them Don’t Tell Them

Always be aware of their need to be shown very clearly what is in it for them. This can be in the form of images, graphs, videos and other forms of communicating ideas Words need support visually. Having a variety of mediums to learn more about your solution, can be very persuasive in a way that words alone are not.

Competitiveness: The “Be There First” Syndrome

Most people who you will be selling to are going to have at least an aspect of the competitiveness within them, their innate desire to want to be a winner. Most people do not want others to see them as being a losers. Let them know how you can help them in this competitive world we live in. And don’t forget to bring the lightbulbs.