ArtisticPreneur and its Internet Transformation

ArtisticPreneur is Now a Website
ArtisticPreneur is Now a Website

For quite some time now we’re been describing filmmakers who handle both the art and business of what they do as ArtisticPreneurs. In fact an ArtisticPreneur can be an artist of any kind including writers, musicians and painters etc.

Well now it’s finally happened. ArtisticPreneur is a website located – where else – at will focus on ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference with their work and somehow helping the world. Although this may sound like a tall order, making a difference can be as simple as having transformational content in one’s film or even just working toward being a better human being.

ArtisticPreneur will also explore new techniques for being the best ArtisticPreneur possible. This will include topics like producing, promoting and monetizing your art.

But let’s let ArtisticPreneur describe itself directly to you. If you’re interested please check out

NYC Create is the New Path

NYC Create is the new path. It is the path to bringing you the artist – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – weekly installments of tips/steps to promoting yourself, building your audience and ultimately monetizing your art. This a pretty complex process and NYC Create is committed to helping you make it happen.

To further clarify, NYC Create is the rebranding of the Lights Camera Read “NYC Make a Difference” email newsletter. Lights Camera Read, that got its start doing New York Public Library workshops, was going through a lot of changes. Therefore the NYC Create moniker was created as a more focused description of what LCR was becoming.

Movie Process as a Way to Learn

There’s nothing quite like jumping right in to learn from your movie process. Such is the case with “Thrillumentary,” a project on which the filmmakers are having their thoughts about process affirmed through the doing. Every project is unique and this one is because of the fact it started out as a one-man theater piece. Through the creative process it evolved into a full-on web series with various characters.

Starving Artist to Artist Entrepreneur

Once you’re in the “starving artist” mentality it’s not always easy to get out of it and start thinking of yourself as an artist entrepreneur. Or is it?

For some it’s as simple as having a shift in consciousness. Having an outlook that’s not about deprivation but rather focuses on┬áthriving. This may sound like a lot of new age hocus pocus, but there’s some truth in it. Though of course, this doesn’t work for everyone.

How are you approaching your art? Whether you’re a performing, film, fine arts or other kind of artist the rules are often the same as funding, making, marketing and distributing a movie. First you have to fund it (including making a living), then you make it (create the thing), next you market it and finally you distribute it.

We asked filmmaker, educator and artist advocate John Yianni Stamas what he thought about the relationship between movie making and the role of the Artist Entrepreneur and here’s what he said:

“In fact there’s a lot that can be learned from filmmaking that applies to going from “Starving Artist” to Artist Entrepreneur. I┬ábelieve that we’ve entered a period of time in history where anyone can make a movie.”

Developing cinema projects such as a web series or movie (a web series strung together) can be a great way of showcasing your work, whether your a musician, actor, visual artist and more. Why? Because a web series can feature our art form. Then, with each new webisode, you have another new excuse to promote.

The only difference between many starving artists and artist entrepreneurs is guidance, training and strategies from the entrepreneurial arts. Is business an art? Maybe, maybe not, but you need some of it to make your art into your living. You also need to think out of the box and not be trying to “get there” the same way that everyone else is.