ArtisticPreneur and its Internet Transformation

ArtisticPreneur is Now a Website
ArtisticPreneur is Now a Website

For quite some time now we’re been describing filmmakers who handle both the art and business of what they do as ArtisticPreneurs. In fact an ArtisticPreneur can be an artist of any kind including writers, musicians and painters etc.

Well now it’s finally happened. ArtisticPreneur is a website located – where else – at will focus on ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference with their work and somehow helping the world. Although this may sound like a tall order, making a difference can be as simple as having transformational content in one’s film or even just working toward being a better human being.

ArtisticPreneur will also explore new techniques for being the best ArtisticPreneur possible. This will include topics like producing, promoting and monetizing your art.

But let’s let ArtisticPreneur describe itself directly to you. If you’re interested please check out