Increase Your Creativity to Promote Your Film or Video

Get Them to Download Your Product

For the movie process of the promotion of your film or video to your audience to be most effective you want to get them to purchase a viewing of your product or a download online. This is in direct correlation to how they think it will benefit them. True, entertainment solves its own unique problem which includes the counter acting of boredom. If a future customer believes that your entertainment product will give them some kind of pleasure or escapism, this can be a way you get them to purchase from you.

How are You Going to Reach Them?

Film or videos that are of a nonfiction nature and directly solve a problem that your prospect has, are more clear cut in how they are important in solving a challenge. With entertainment you must be sure you understand who you are trying to reach and how you are going to reach them.

Develop a Friendship with Your Viewer

If you are new in your career, initially your audience can be family and friends as well as suggesting to each one of them to share about your project with others. But down the line you should practice a similar strategy, but this time opening up the process to others. In a sense, as a filmmaker or video maker you want to develop a friendship with your viewer.

Retain Your Customers

That’s why being a vlogger to promote your entertainment or “How To” product can be a great promotion tool. If they join your channel and see you on an ongoing process talking about your life and how your products and services will benefit them, you can not only sell to them but also retain them for future projects.

Get Them to Spread the Word

The point here is that you want to get word of mouth going. To jumpstart this you have to do something remarkable in the first place which can either be that your entertainment piece has people enjoying themselves which can include stimulating their thought in some way or making them “cool” because of watching you. A status symbol experience for them could result in them spreading the word.

Inject Emotion

But for a cinema piece to actually “go viral” that experience had in viewing your product must push a viewer to an emotional extreme which can be humor, fear, sadness, enlightenment, anger, lust or any other strong emotional trigger. Do research on prior videos of memes or infographics that went viral and deconstruct for yourself why they were successful and what emotion they tapped into. You can then do the same for your product.

Imbed Your Video

A trailer can be a method of getting something to go viral. If you want to keep the viral affect being directly beneficial to you and your website, you might make the decision to initially forgo YouTube and instead use a tool like Wistia which means that as they share with others they are doing so with a link to your website instead of to the video which is imbedded in the page.

Tell Them What You Want Them to Do

You want to make sure that you are clear on what you want the viewer of your trailer to do. Do you want them to sign up for your newsletter or do you want them to share with others? Let them know what you want them to do and consider having a countdown to the release of your product.

Create Your Own Unique Promotions

These are just a few promotional ideas but hopefully they’ve got you thinking about the movie process to lead you to get creative and create your own.

A shoutout goes to both Market Your Journey and NYC Create who gave us a soundboard for this post.