An Excerpt from an eBook in Process

Steps of becoming a billionaire. You can do it. Ultimately, if you are employing the “Billionaire Technique,” you will discover to define your own steps.

Some might say

“What’s the point of this eBook anyway if we have to define our steps?”

It is a very good question. Our hope is that through the encouragement of believing in yourself and showing you approaches that others have found success with, it will help you build your own technique.

It is human nature to ask of a technique for everything, every little thing in steps, so that all you have to do is follow through as instructed and you will gain the prize.

Although this would be nice, it is not possible. Or at least not in the linear steps you may want.

But don’t worry, toward the end of this eBook we will unfold a literally step by step plan and technique that you can follow and that is based on what you learn in this eBook. But don’t skip ahead if possible because the list will have more of an impact if you have done the work of thinking through what is offered throughout this publication.

How are you unique? What is it about you that has a gift that not everyone has? If this is new territory for you, we recommend you stop and think hard and in detail this query.

It can be a painful process figuring out what your gift is since many of us think in terms of WHAT WE DO NOT POSSESS.

That’s okay, it is fine to know what you aren’t, but we are more interested in what you do encapsulate. Is there anything about you, maybe a hobby or a trait or an aspect of your character, that others have commented on through your years of growing older daily as all of us do?

If you cannot think in terms of what others have said, is there anything you have said to yourself? What have you thought about yourself in terms of things you like about who you are? Find a main one to hold on to and nourish so that it helps you attain your hike.