The Process is Changing

New Rules

It is getting harder and harder to make a movie “Hollywood Style.” It takes too many people in a studio or even outdoors. This means more of an opportunity to be exposed to COVID-19. Are filmmakers willing to put their health on the line or even their lives just to create content?


Enter the new form of making movies via selfies. Your phone as your camera, and the use of available light. People are getting more and more used to the vertical phone frame look, such that it is possible to use it in large quantities, especially if it is made clear that the protagonist is filming the video that you are watching.

If You Dream, be Realistic (or Maybe Not)

The bar of entry is still high with the big players, but given the right amount of marketing and storytelling, you can directly compete with the higher end brands and maybe even use the use the process to promote your services or products. This is good news for creators.