A Movie or Any Form of Media often Needs a Good Website Domain Name

Movie Process

When this “Movie Process” site was created, the goal was to document movie process ideas that we had regarding alternative methods of making feature films and television programing. There was a fascination with processes and workflows and the impact they could have on how much time was spent as well as how many people were necessary behind the scenes.

A Key to Making a Movie is Having a Good Name for it As Well as Domain Name for Your Film’s Website

It has been getting tougher and more difficult to find domain names that are eight letters or less and no more than three words. This is due lately in a surge of domains being purchased in mass end then reselling them as “Premium” for hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

Thank Goodness for Domain Name Generators

That is why you must have a search strategy to find a domain that integrates the words trending and is short. This can be frustrating. Thankfully, there are some domain registrars who provide you with a “Domain Name Generator” which you search, and purchase sites have a mode where you can put in a keyword or two and see what is available.

Watch Out for “Premium Domains”

Be careful when using sites because it has been known to happen where you end up with a site where they tell you a domain name is available, only to find out it is yet another pathway to being asked to purchase a premium domain. A premium domain is simply a domain that a broker purchased and is sitting, knowing that there is someone out there for who this domain name is a perfect match for what they are doing. Even so much so to pay thousands of dollars for it.