The Step After Movie Process

I spent a great deal of time in my early adult life trying to get down on paper the perfect movie process. In fact, I was far more interested in achieving an effective methodology than making films.

Although I did produce some shorts and even no budget features, I still always came back to looking at systems of creating movies.

Finally, after years of playing around with different possible techniques, I put all my research to the test. I started a master class program online and over a period of less than two years set out to prove that one person could make a picture alone without the need for a crew, and the other participants being actors only.

Although I only too the the production to the looping phase, I showed the process worked. An now movie process has made the transition to writing. Not screenplays, I’ve written too many of them, but a…novel.

Making a Feature Film with a Cell Phone has Never Been Easier

Attention All Cell Phone Filmmakers

Have you made a movie with a cell phone or an extreme low budget? Would you like to be a guest blogger on movie process or suggest a story? If yes then please contact us by filling out your info on our contact page.

Thrillumentary and Documystery

At Movie Process our slogan is that “You Can Make a Movie if You Know the Process.” We pride ourselves on uncovering the pioneers of the craft and one example of the exploration of new ways to create motion pictures (primarily filming with a cell phone) can be found at the website blog

When looking at the Thrillumentary website, we learn that Thrillumentary is not only a genre (much like a DocuMystery) but is also a methodology for making films. Thrillumentary has been described as “The ultimate movie experiment and DocuMystery in which the filmmakers documented their daily activities starting in August 2016.”

Art Gush and the Educational Documentation

In the past, on the Art Gush site there were several other video series on a variety of different topics, but all the content was taken off the web by the owner because it consisted of proprietary methods that he ultimately decided he didn’t want revealed. In the near future Art Gush will be making their ArtisticPrenuer PDF eBooks available, some of which will be based on the former video series.

Being an ArtisticPrenuer Helps Your Movie Process

Even though projects like Thrillumentary show us that now, with the digital revolution, making films can be much more simple, there still remains the need for making a living while doing it. This is where becoming an ArtisticPreneur could help. The definition of an ArtisticPreneur is just how the word sounds. It is a combination of being artistic and an entrepreneur at the same time.

It doesn’t matter what your art form is – including actors, musicians, filmmakers and writers etc. – you can become an ArtisticPreneur. How does this work? The easiest approach is to figure out a business you could do that relates to your art. For example, the maker of Thrillumetary spent several years as a marketer of well known actors.

Video, Film and Web

And finally, once you’ve made your Thrillumentary or DocuMystery or other genre, you can now market and distribute it. Marketing of your film should really start day one of your project. This can be as simple as blogging about your process including uploading pictures. Of course having a blog alone is not a complete marketing strategy in terms of building traffic. You need to augment it with something else such as linking to the blog from your social media sites.

In the big picture you’re working toward developing customers, clients and fans using video, film and the web. This is an activity also known as building your audience. Developing an audience is the most important thing you can do for your movie especially since being a successful filmmaker is no longer about getting your movie into festivals. It’s now about being able to market, distribute and sell your movie online without a distributor. Or to put it another way, by becoming an ArtisticPreneur. Good luck on making your movie or if you’ve already made one feel free to leave a message on our contact page found here.

ArtisticPreneur and its Internet Transformation

ArtisticPreneur is Now a Website
ArtisticPreneur is Now a Website

For quite some time now we’re been describing filmmakers who handle both the art and business of what they do as ArtisticPreneurs. In fact an ArtisticPreneur can be an artist of any kind including writers, musicians and painters etc.

Well now it’s finally happened. ArtisticPreneur is a website located – where else – at will focus on ArtisticPreneurs who are making a difference with their work and somehow helping the world. Although this may sound like a tall order, making a difference can be as simple as having transformational content in one’s film or even just working toward being a better human being.

ArtisticPreneur will also explore new techniques for being the best ArtisticPreneur possible. This will include topics like producing, promoting and monetizing your art.

But let’s let ArtisticPreneur describe itself directly to you. If you’re interested please check out

Starving Artist to Artist Entrepreneur

Once you’re in the “starving artist” mentality it’s not always easy to get out of it and start thinking of yourself as an artist entrepreneur. Or is it?

For some it’s as simple as having a shift in consciousness. Having an outlook that’s not about deprivation but rather focuses on┬áthriving. This may sound like a lot of new age hocus pocus, but there’s some truth in it. Though of course, this doesn’t work for everyone.

How are you approaching your art? Whether you’re a performing, film, fine arts or other kind of artist the rules are often the same as funding, making, marketing and distributing a movie. First you have to fund it (including making a living), then you make it (create the thing), next you market it and finally you distribute it.

We asked filmmaker, educator and artist advocate John Yianni Stamas what he thought about the relationship between movie making and the role of the Artist Entrepreneur and here’s what he said:

“In fact there’s a lot that can be learned from filmmaking that applies to going from “Starving Artist” to Artist Entrepreneur. I┬ábelieve that we’ve entered a period of time in history where anyone can make a movie.”

Developing cinema projects such as a web series or movie (a web series strung together) can be a great way of showcasing your work, whether your a musician, actor, visual artist and more. Why? Because a web series can feature our art form. Then, with each new webisode, you have another new excuse to promote.

The only difference between many starving artists and artist entrepreneurs is guidance, training and strategies from the entrepreneurial arts. Is business an art? Maybe, maybe not, but you need some of it to make your art into your living. You also need to think out of the box and not be trying to “get there” the same way that everyone else is.