The Step After Movie Process

I spent a great deal of time in my early adult life trying to get down on paper the perfect movie process. In fact, I was far more interested in achieving an effective methodology than making films. Although I did produce some shorts and even no budget features, I still always came back to looking […]

ArtisticPreneur and its Internet Transformation

For quite some time now we’re been describing filmmakers who handle both the art and business of what they do as ArtisticPreneurs. In fact an ArtisticPreneur can be an artist of any kind including writers, musicians and painters etc. Well now it’s finally happened. ArtisticPreneur is a website located – where else – at […]

Starving Artist to Artist Entrepreneur

Once you’re in the “starving artist” mentality it’s not always easy to get out of it and start thinking of yourself as an artist entrepreneur. Or is it? For some it’s as simple as having a shift in consciousness. Having an outlook that’s not about deprivation but rather focuses on┬áthriving. This may sound like a […]

Platinum Pias Launches a Movie

Platinum Pias Launches a Movie The Platinum Pias launched an awareness of the movie “Thrillumentary” that  before being a feature film is first going to be a 27 webisode web series starting in August. If you missed the 2017 Platinum Pias on Monday, March 20, you missed a lot of fun and creativity. We thank […]