A Movie or Any Form of Media often Needs a Good Website Domain Name

Movie Process When this “Movie Process” site was created, the goal was to document movie process ideas that we had regarding alternative methods of making feature films and television programing. There was a fascination with processes and workflows and the impact they could have on how much time was spent as well as how many […]

If Your Life is a Movie, Can You Avoid a Clique Ending?

From feedback regarding last week’s email, it seems as though there was a misunderstanding. If in Fact I Have a Sense of Humor, it is Very Dry Sometimes what I see as an attempt at being satirical, is taken literally. I do not do “Ironic” very well. Last week’s email message was my poor attempt […]

Creating Promotional Videos Can Help Pay Your Bills

Is Making a Video Promo for You? For all you filmmakers out there who are feeling the pinch of losing the “indie” pathway (did it ever really exist?!) and are now, in this pandemic era, looking for a way to put your movie process skills to work, if you have not already, you might consider […]