Process is Everything

Movie Process as a Skill Can Create Many Employment or Entrepreneurial Opportunities

Regardless of the Environment or Audience, Movie Process Can Draw them In

The movie-making process has evolved over the years and has opened up new opportunities for creative and intelligent individuals to use it as a business career path. This path can be augmented by subscribing to newsletters such as the METHOD HOW Report that is free and gives you insider info on emerging and new business and marketing success strategies, before anyone else does. Here are some ways that someone could use movie process as a business career:

  1. Content creation: With the rise of streaming services and social media platforms, there is a growing demand for content creation. A creative person with a passion for filmmaking can create original content and distribute it online. This could include short films, web series, or even feature-length films. And as is the case with all the opportunities being given, one can also go into education to teach these things to others, especially if you have been given recognition as an educator such as being presented a Big Apple Award.
  2. Advertising and marketing: The movie-making process involves creating engaging visuals and storytelling, which can be applied to advertising and marketing. A creative individual with an eye for storytelling can create marketing campaigns, social media content, and commercials that capture the attention of audiences using your DigiComArts skills.
  3. Virtual reality and augmented reality: The movie-making process has expanded into virtual and augmented reality. A creative individual with knowledge of VR/AR technology can create immersive experiences for clients, such as training simulations, virtual tours, or educational content. Learning more about technology and the arts can be found at Home Business eLearning.
  4. Animation and visual effects: The movie-making process involves creating stunning visuals and special effects. A creative individual with knowledge of animation and visual effects can create animated content for clients, such as commercials, explainer videos, or educational content. And as is the case with learning all kinds of learning, a great way to get an education is to learn from doing.
  5. Film festivals and events: A creative individual can also use the movie-making process to organize film festivals and events. This could include creating a film festival, organizing a screening series, or curating an art exhibit.
  6. Film education: A person with knowledge of the movie-making process can also use it as a business career path by teaching film education. This could include creating online courses, teaching workshops, or even creating a film school. Plus, you could likely also be an educator of Media Administration.

In conclusion, the movie-making process has evolved over the years and has opened up new opportunities for creative and intelligent individuals to use it as a business career path. Content creation, advertising and marketing, virtual and augmented reality, animation and visual effects, film festivals and events, and film education are just a few examples of how someone can turn the movie-making process into a profitable business career.

Process is Everything

The METHOD HOW to Use the Movie Process to Make a Video as a Part of Your Media Plan to Be Perceived as the Expert in Your Field You Are!

To Make a Video You do Not Need a Camera or Anything Else Except for a Computer or Your Phone and Even those You Could Borrow from Someone

Get Seen as an Expert at No Cost

If you have become frustrated because you see others in your field getting better rates than you do, one possible solution to this situation is to increase the likelihood of being perceived as the expert you are. There is a mode known as being seen on video which, for whatever reason, makes a difference in being perceived as an expert. Think about it. If you had a choice between two experts, one with a video and the other not, which expert would you select?

The SECRET HOW to Increase Your Status in Your Industry

But how do you do this? You need the online tool kit which if you are very ambitious and have basic computer skills on your desktop or phone, then there is the chance that the cost of this process could be nada, nothing.

Video is Our Focus Right Now

Since you are now in the “Movie Process” zone we are going to focus right now on the making of a video, that along with other media tools can assist you in being able to charge more for your expertise.

Elements of Expertise

What are the components that together form the perception of someone who is considered an expert in your field. Why are others in your field paying more to these individuals. What is it that they know. Why is this knowledge important to those who hire experts. Do you have all the experience and knowledge that those who are seen as experts do? Once you get the mechanical side of things done, we then move on to…

The Show Business of Business

You might have heard the saying that “There’s no business that’s NOT in show business.” In other words, there are ways that people sometimes are able to put their best foot forward for turning prospects into clients. Since you know your industry well, what is it that those who get more business and clients than you do and even at a higher price tag, do that you do not.

How do They Catch Fish?

One thing that they may be better situated with than you, is connections and a network. This brings up the question, what do they do to build their network and can you do the same thing?

Position Yourself

One way to help make others perceive you as the expert you are, is to hold a workshop or some such thing. The point being that you should keep your eyes open for media opportunities.

Flash or No Flash?

Do you work in a flashy business of image, status and lifestyle? If so, is pulling this off difficult for you? Or, are you simply not seen for what you know and can do for people in the form of consulting or services or both?

Okay, Back to the Video

It is our hope that you have taken some time to write down thoughts and answers to the questions we have been asking. The goal would be to begin to meld one thing into another to start to be able to write the script for your video. The video you make will help you be seen as having an expertise.

It Never Goes Out of Style

Having a spiffy video is terrific, but the most important thing, and that which never goes out of style, is to always do right by your customers to the best of your ability. This pushing of yourself to do the best work possible, will make a difference in whatever you do, including the making of a video.

Solutions to Problems

As you likely know, regardless of the business or industry you are in, in the end you are selling to customers and clients a solution to a problem they are having. Hence, as you start to write your script here are the three stages to think about:

Getting Even More in Depth

What is the problem that your future customer or client has for which they need a professional to help them solve? What are all the aspects of problems that need to be solved in the context of ongoing help for the client?

Your Video Should be Simple and Quite Professional

Thus far we have been looking at your industry and what those who are seen as having more expertise than you do getting all the jobs. But the video should be short and sweet. Maybe get the idea of you being able to solve their problem is a part of it. A lot can be done with titles, images and video clips. You can actually put together a decent video using libraries of these elements.

Write a Script for a One Minute Video

It is going to be tough to keep somehow who is going through your website to spend more than a minute watching a video. Also, if you are determined to do everything for your promoting of yourself for free, you are going to have some limitations. But the good news is that “Less is more” and you only need to hit a few key points on you or your business and why you should be their solution choice.

What Do You Need to Do to Make the Video

You do not need to film anything. You don’t need to take photos. There is no need for any of that. There are a few really good online graphics sites that in addition to being able to create image oriented things for your website, social media and so on.

SaaS Graphics Sites do Instant Videos Too

And of course you can facilitate the making of quite professional looking videos in five minutes or so. Many of you already know this, but some of you do not. These companies have free and premium versions of their services as a SaaS (Software as a Service).

You Need More than Just a Video

A video is just a part of your kit and strategies. You need the METHOD HOW to do many other things. But if you want to not spend anything, it is possible to find free versions of apps. If you look for them you will find them!

Process is Everything

Elders Go Digital

If you have been following us for any length of time, then you know that the focus of this site has much to do with digital filmmaking or moviemaking. But other topics of interest could include education for the elderly. “Elderly” is a horrible word. Maybe that is because I myself am now a member. The “E” word immediately conjures up in my mind sad aging people, isolated and alone. But it does not have to be just that. One hopes that maybe those whose numeric digits indicating age are rising, could maybe still contribute to society, maybe even to the workforce.

That is why Movie Process, at least for this post, is choosing to see aging as opportunity. The fact is that a large amount of people on the planet are growing older as in “older older” older. And not everyone, including myself, start collecting acorns for the winter ahead. They kick themselves now because of this and whenever possible stress to others that whether it is enjoyable or not, it is never too young or too late to start saving and learning about investing.

And, thank goodness, it is getting easier and easier to learn a “Method How” to do something. Since we are in the information age it means we can quickly and efficiently find out knowledge we know that we need. And a great tool for this is the internet. So think of something you would love to be doing or accomplishing and search for online. Plow through the information carefully and learn how to implement the changes that could impact your life in a positive way. The best place to start is at the beginning.

Process is Everything

Movie Crews Prior to the Virus

A Time of Optional Maskes

New York City was it’s usual vibrant self just before the Coronavirus. Crews like the one pictured were doing important projects and making a difference with their art. Wearing a mask at that time was optional, some still did though.

Movie Process Ended

Then  COVID-19 became stronger and like many industries, filmmaking was impacted negatively. The movie process ceased to move forward.

The Question Looms

What’s the solution? Can crews come back and once engage in the movie process?¬† What do you think?