Why Video Marketing is Important

The Percentages are Stunning When it Comes to Video

Not sure video is the way to go for your marketing? Most politely we say “Think again.” In 2019, Cisco reports that video represents more than 85 percent of U.S. internet traffic! That means that if you’re not doing it, you’re missing out big time!

Anyone Can Make Videos These Days

When it comes to marketing video is here in a big way. And the good news is that it’s easier than ever. Just film it on your smart phone then edit it in one of many free online editing systems. Google free online editing it to find the system that’s right for you.

Live Video is Quite Popular

Editing not your thing? Consider live video. It’s simple to do and because it is viewed in actual time, you can retire your editing methods.

Get Your Customers, Clients and Fans to Tune In

Why go live? One reason could be to do seminars online (check out YouTube live options) where you have subscribers from your email list to prearrange viewership.

No List?

Don’t have an email list? No problem. Maybe purchase heavily targeted social media ads to build your list or look into do-it-yourself SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

Video is About Your Audience

Videos are great for communication, they speak for themselves and are way more effective than any other form of social media postings. If you want to increase your users then try to upload engaging videos on your social media pages. The content can be anything you like, and if you want to maximize its ability to connect, think about your audience.

The Way to Reach Your Audience

The more keyed into your audience when it comes to video, the better and the more you’ll get out of it. Consider solving a problem for your viewership. They are more likely to watch your video when there is something at stake for them such as showing them a solution to something that is a pain point.

Having Competition Can Be a Good Thing

If you have competitors in the industry you are involved in, just Google the competition and look at how they’re using video. What are the kinds of videos that are bringing in the largest numbers? Internalize this and call upon it when designing your next video unleashing.

NYC Create is the New Path

NYC Create is the new path. It is the path to bringing you the artist – including musicians, writers, filmmakers etc. – weekly installments of tips/steps to promoting yourself, building your audience and ultimately monetizing your art. This a pretty complex process and NYC Create is committed to helping you make it happen.

To further clarify, NYC Create is the rebranding of the Lights Camera Read “NYC Make a Difference” email newsletter. Lights Camera Read, that got its start doing New York Public Library workshops, was going through a lot of changes. Therefore the NYC Create moniker was created as a more focused description of what LCR was becoming.

Movie Process as a Way to Learn

There’s nothing quite like jumping right in to learn from your movie process. Such is the case with “Thrillumentary,” a project on which the filmmakers are having their thoughts about process affirmed through the doing. Every project is unique and this one is because of the fact it started out as a one-man theater piece. Through the creative process it evolved into a full-on web series with various characters.