Manhattan Magician has a Breakthrough in the Cinema Arts!

Manhattan Magician and his Movie Process
It was years in the making but Manhattan Magician’s Movie Process is a Great Success.

Looking for a Way to Test His Methodology

THE Manhattan Magician, yes the same one of quite some time ago decided at some point in the ’90’s that there had to be a better way to make films. So he began to develop the Multi Media Movie Making Matrix and Methodology. But it wasn’t until August of 2016 that he actually got to put his Movie Process to the test.

The Membership Site Solution

The Manhattan Magician created an online educational membership site entitled Art Gush. Please note that Art Gush is still in existence today but sans the Multi Media Movie Making Matrix and Methodology testing as well as many other products and services. The new Art Gush, as of this writing, still has no downloadable PDF eBooks available which we are assured will be coming soon. Back to August 2016. This is when Manhattan Magician pulled a Movie Process out of his top hat.

Inviting Others into His Process

Determined to create a proof of concept for his method, he began EACH AND EVERY DAY to do 3 steps toward the making of a motion picture. He documented his experimentation weekly, placing the 21 steps he had done (3 steps a day x 7 days = 21 steps) onto the then membership site Art Gush so that students of the site would be able to do the same steps themselves.

You Do as I Do

The Manhattan Magician’s idea was simple. He would do 3 steps a day until he had a finished film using the MultiMedia Movie Making Matrix and Methodology. Things went swimmingly. He would do 3 steps and then his students would do 3 steps. He would do another 3 steps and again his students would follow his lead doing those same 3 steps on their movie projects.

Success for the Multi Media Movie Making Matrix and Methodology

This went on for about a year and a half. At this point the Manhattan Magician actually had a movie in the can (old term referring to celluloid which was kept in cans) but still had to do post production on it. For various reasons he decided against editing the picture, but was elated because he had proven that the Multi Media Movie Making Matrix and Methodology worked! And with only 3 steps a day and NO crew!

Less is More for the Actors

The only humans involved with the Movie Process Experiment. other than the filmmaker were actors. But even the actors were able to do their work in less than normal time. This was because the methodology broke the screenplay into bite sized pieces that were very easy to shoot and utilized environments that could be used to have a variety of different looks. The total time that an actor worked on the production was only ONE DAY!

One day per actor is unheard of in the film industry, but with the Manhattan Magicians Movie Process it was possible!

Back to the Lab

The Manhattan Magician quickly realized that his prized documentation of his steps online were now available to anyone who became a member of the Art Gush site. Although the Manhattan Magician was a strong believer in an open source approach, he still wanted to tinker with his procedure in the privacy of his “Movie Process Lab.”

The Membership Site and All its Creative Courses Were Taken Down

Art Gush was flourishing at this point as a membership site and now had 9 other projects on it as well. These projects were instructional videos and PDFs that taught the user how to do various tasks ranging from topics like “How to Make Living as an Artist” to “How to Brand Yourself.” Unfortunately all of these items would need to be deleted in addition to the year and a half documentation of the Multi Media Movie Making Matrix and Methodology success.

The Manhattan Magician bit his lip, apologized to all those who used his technique and wished them well on doing post production on their own filmmaking ventures.

Just like the Phoenix in Greek mythology, a Website Goes Down and a New One Rises Up from the Ashes

Associated with the sun, a phoenix obtains new life by arising from the ashes of its predecessor. Such was the approach of the Manhattan Magician who deleted the Art Gush the membership site from the internet. Next he immediately rebuilt from the ashes the new Art Gush website.

This new website will eventually be a place where ArtisticPreneur users can download eBooks on topics that have a meaning to them.

An Example of a Possible eBook for the New Site

An example of a possible eBook for Art Gush has almost been completed offline and may go online as the first upload. The topic of this eBook is “Exclusively for ArtisticPreneurs: How to Get More Customers, Clients and Fans in 5 Easy Steps.” We’ll keep you posted on whether or not this eBook makes it to the site.

Our Story Comes to an End Which is Really Just a New Beginning

So that’s the story of the Manhattan Magician who put down his magic wand for a while to instead work on a Movie Process approach. We wish the Manhattan Magician well on his new Art Gush venture!