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A New Direction

Movie Process is helping Media and NYC Create to develop marketing programs for clients of

There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business!

The catchphrase for is “There’s No Business that’s NOT in Show Business.” This slogan seems to be showcasing the concept that entrepreneurial activity is best served when its marketing is entertaining and creative.

There Are College Courses Taught About It

Also, Entertainment Entrepreneurship is not just the name of a website but has also been validated by the fact that USC (University of Southern California) offers an Entertainment Entrepreneurship course for their students.

The MOST IMPORTANT Thing for Your Small Business

The most important thing you need to learn how to do for your small business (or career as an artist of any kind), is how to get new customers. Because unless you learn how to get new customers, you can kiss your business and career goodbye.

How to Get New Customers

So due to the fact that “How to Get New Customers” is so important, we take our partnership with and NYC Create very seriously. created the website as well as the newsletter plus other products and services available only from and its “How to Get New Customers” department.

Sign Up for the Free “How to Get New Customers” Newsletter

Before you read another word you’re going to want to subscribe to the free newsletter by putting your name and email into the box at USA Create in conjunction with Media Administration. Space is limited so do it now before we stop new subscriptions again as we did last year for over 6 months because our newsletter was getting too popular too quickly.

Free Course and Free Information Pages

After you submit your name and email, please then click the button and then search in your email box for your confirmation email. Click the link inside that and you’ll start the free 10 day email course entitled “How to Get New Customers.”

Put it to Work

The first 7 days are the course itself, finishing out with 3 valuable information pages making 10 days of breakthrough learning in all. And upon your completion of the valuable information pages, you’ll begin to receive the free WEEKLY “How to Get New Customers” Newsletters. Each week you’ll be inspired by marketing strategies you can immediately put to work for you.