Ideas to Action

Movie Process Technique

We get asked sometimes how we developed our methodology for filmmaking. And the answer is quite simple. We  embarked on making a film and tracked what we were doing naturally. The method evolved from a single lightbulb of an idea to an actual step by step procedure that others could do. This of course was the birth of the infamous movie process technique.

Actual Action in Front of the Lens

These days we are not making movies as often. We have been utilizing the new apps that allow you to use stock footage and images to implement your creations. Sometime described of being like a  PowerPoint slideshow with moving images, it is of course not as “creative” as doing a motion picture by filming actual action in front of the lens.

What is the Future?

Is this the future of filmmaking? Not at all. Likely there will always be a market for films. Though, this movie process could start to look very different once we reach the point of being able to animate a live action picture.

Movie Crews Prior to the Virus

A Time of Optional Maskes

New York City was it’s usual vibrant self just before the Coronavirus. Crews like the one pictured were doing important projects and making a difference with their art. Wearing a mask at that time was optional, some still did though.

Movie Process Ended

Then  COVID-19 became stronger and like many industries, filmmaking was impacted negatively. The movie process ceased to move forward.

The Question Looms

What’s the solution? Can crews come back and once engage in the movie process?  What do you think?

Movie Process and YouTube

The  New Movie Process Way

Yesterday I received a combination selfie stick and phone tripod. I am seriously considering doing a YouTube series. If I commit to doing this it is going to mean having to carve out in my schedule time to create, edit and upload an installment on a daily basis. This is much easier to do than the old days of filmmaking as seen in the image above where you needed a big bulky camera to create celluloid offerings.

The Movie Process has Come Quite a Distance

Why a daily basis? Because this is a strategy to get traction on YouTube. It is a little known fact that if you do daily episodes YouTube will reward you with more traffic. What YouTube wants most is an individual who on a regular basis is developing engaging content that will keep a viewer watching and ultimately provide a forum in which to run ads. This is a far cry from the film world’s past of just creating coming attractions or trailers.

The YouTube Community

It’s all about the ads. Why? Because that is how YouTube makes money. So if you are someone who is creating engaging content and in turn has a regular loyal following as well as is a magnet for new followers, you will succeed on YouTube. Therefore if you decide to use the Movie Process in conjunction with a YouTube series, make sure it is engaging, has loyal viewers and can attract new devotees. But how do you do this? This can be achieved by doing something you are passionate about and focusing on that. The more consistently niche you are, the more likely you are to succeed with the Movie Process of being a part of the YouTube community.

A Movie or Video About COVID-19?

Create a Work

As  filmmaker you can do a movie or video on any topic you choose. Many makers of moving images have decided to create a work base on the Coronavirus.

Serving the Fans

But where to start with the virus? Your own take of course. What has been your experience of COVID-19? The public wants to known.

All it Takes is a Camera

So don’t dilly daddle and grab your camera to tell your tale?