An Excerpt from an eBook in Process

Steps of becoming a billionaire. You can do it. Ultimately, if you are employing the “Billionaire Technique,” you will discover to define your own steps.

Some might say

“What’s the point of this eBook anyway if we have to define our steps?”

It is a very good question. Our hope is that through the encouragement of believing in yourself and showing you approaches that others have found success with, it will help you build your own technique.

It is human nature to ask of a technique for everything, every little thing in steps, so that all you have to do is follow through as instructed and you will gain the prize.

Although this would be nice, it is not possible. Or at least not in the linear steps you may want.

But don’t worry, toward the end of this eBook we will unfold a literally step by step plan and technique that you can follow and that is based on what you learn in this eBook. But don’t skip ahead if possible because the list will have more of an impact if you have done the work of thinking through what is offered throughout this publication.

How are you unique? What is it about you that has a gift that not everyone has? If this is new territory for you, we recommend you stop and think hard and in detail this query.

It can be a painful process figuring out what your gift is since many of us think in terms of WHAT WE DO NOT POSSESS.

That’s okay, it is fine to know what you aren’t, but we are more interested in what you do encapsulate. Is there anything about you, maybe a hobby or a trait or an aspect of your character, that others have commented on through your years of growing older daily as all of us do?

If you cannot think in terms of what others have said, is there anything you have said to yourself? What have you thought about yourself in terms of things you like about who you are? Find a main one to hold on to and nourish so that it helps you attain your hike.

The Step After Movie Process

I spent a great deal of time in my early adult life trying to get down on paper the perfect movie process. In fact, I was far more interested in achieving an effective methodology than making films.

Although I did produce some shorts and even no budget features, I still always came back to looking at systems of creating movies.

Finally, after years of playing around with different possible techniques, I put all my research to the test. I started a master class program online and over a period of less than two years set out to prove that one person could make a picture alone without the need for a crew, and the other participants being actors only.

Although I only too the the production to the looping phase, I showed the process worked. An now movie process has made the transition to writing. Not screenplays, I’ve written too many of them, but a…novel.

Movies and Marketing


You want to give your future audience members a pathway to walk through to watch your film.

Right Place, Right Time

Being in touch with your future customers of downloading or streaming your movie requires finding your prospects the exact moment they are ready to purchase. This is your goal. You may have heard the term “convert.” This what you want to do. You should be looking at how you can convert someone into being your client. Though in reality, as we just mentioned, true conversion is not fighting to get someone to see your Point of View and therefore buy something from you, it is more about catching your audience member at the perfect moment they are ready to take out their credit card.

Social Media

If you jump on the social media advertising bandwagon, you will be far from alone. Ever since marketers recognized the power of social media, they have flocked to the platforms in droves, trying to sell their products and reach their ideal customers.

The Pathway

Having clarity about your Content Marketing means knowing which keywords to target. You do not just want them to visit your website, you want to do so as a pathway to them taking the next step. It can help to outline your content and get clear on your written strategy to reel in the person you wish to reach.

Ideas to Action

Movie Process Technique

We get asked sometimes how we developed our methodology for filmmaking. And the answer is quite simple. We  embarked on making a film and tracked what we were doing naturally. The method evolved from a single lightbulb of an idea to an actual step by step procedure that others could do. This of course was the birth of the infamous movie process technique.

Actual Action in Front of the Lens

These days we are not making movies as often. We have been utilizing the new apps that allow you to use stock footage and images to implement your creations. Sometime described of being like a  PowerPoint slideshow with moving images, it is of course not as “creative” as doing a motion picture by filming actual action in front of the lens.

What is the Future?

Is this the future of filmmaking? Not at all. Likely there will always be a market for films. Though, this movie process could start to look very different once we reach the point of being able to animate a live action picture.