Update on Filming for Thrillumentary

Filming for “Thrillumentary” has begun, though, initially most of it is being shot using a cell phone. This “selfie” approach to filmmaking is being utilized primarily to stay in keeping with a “no crew” approach.

Our lead actor is filming himself, a fact which makes sense in the context of the “Thrillumentary” story because he is communicating with others by speaking into his mobile.

The idea is to fund, make, market and distribute a full length feature in less than two years with no crew and virtually “no budget.”

Slight funds were raised initially via the organization with a nonprofit umbrella, Lights Camera Read. These funds went toward the purchasing of the recording media. Thus far that has been the only expense directly related to the production.

The key to “no budget” Art Gush Movie Process filmmaking is to draw upon your existing resources. In other words, use what you have. Write your script around locations and props you have easy access to.

But the thing that really makes the “Thrillumentary” Movie Process unique, is that the three-steps-a-day approach that the film is using is simultaneously being documented on the Art Gush website.

This means double duty for the filmmakers because it is not only about making the film but “documenting the making of the film” as well. Each is a large project on its own.

Members of the Art Gush website are following the three-steps-a-day to fund, make, market and distribute their own movies.

Platinum Pias Launches a Movie

Platinum Pias Launches a Movie

The Platinum Pias launched an awareness of the movie “Thrillumentary” that ¬†before being a feature film is first going to be a 27 webisode web series starting in August.

If you missed the 2017 Platinum Pias on Monday, March 20, you missed a lot of fun and creativity.

We thank our wonderful audience that came out for this event – you were great. A lot of the old faces but some new ones too!

Thanks also to Tina Casula Gross and the Broadway Performing Arts Center with her kid dancers doing a marvelous job.

Cheyenne Gross was terrific as our MC and there was a surprise appearance by two little girls filling in on presenting the “Musician Making a Difference” Platinum Pia presented to Justin A.G.

The program was indeed a celebration of the NYC and international artistic community as well as those making a difference in it.

Additional gratitude goes out to Empire State College, State University of New York for their sponsorship of the event.

And now post Pias we are continuing the educational track by doing a talk at SUNY Empire State at the “Entertainment and Music Residency.” We’re doing a presentation tomorrow¬†on the topic of “How to Fund Your Movie or Creative Project” with a nonprofit approach.

For the independent’s Movie Process the world of nonprofits offers a new source of funding. Let’s face it, the traditional for-profit equity model doesn’t work any more for both the filmmaker and the investor. Nonprofit Filmmaking is the next wave!

Yianni Stamas says if You Are Interested in Movie Process You Are Going to Enjoy the Platinum Pias

This year at the Platinum Pias Community Awards Show for Actors and Artists, there is going to be a focus on “Movie Process” by virtue of a camera present that is recording the event to be used in the motion picture “Thrillumentary.”

If you would like to join the movie making process, stop by and say hello. The Platinum Pias are tomorrow! To find out where and when please go here.