Yianni Stamas Talks Briefly About Movie Process and the Wright Brothers’ Psychology

Are You Making a DocuMystery?

What’s special about today, December 17? It is the first time ever that a plane flew, a history making feat that occurred in what is now called Kill Devil Hills, North Carolina, but back then was known as Kitty Hawk. “Kill Devil Hills” would make a rad name for a project you are developing in your movie process. I recently wrote a brief article about ways of making your DocuMystery come to life.

The Psychology of the Bros

Pretty cool that a name for today, December 17, as passed by Congress, is “Wright Brothers Day.” I had a conversation this morning with someone who is dear to me. The talk was about the Wright brothers. We discussed what was the psychological motivation behind Orville and Wilbur Wright taking on something something that had never been done before? Why did they build and fly the first plane? What drove them to make air flight possible?

We are Interested in Your Movie Process

Anyway, back to the topic of movie process, if you are someone who is currently engaged in a movie process we would love to hear from you. These days there are so many different options for making a movie happen. It takes a lot of work as you well know, and the days of Netflix purchasing “indies” made in someone’s backyard are pretty much over. It is good to align yourself with movers and shakers who tend to make pictures in the genre you are interested in.