Are you an actor who is not getting the kind of results you would like from auditioning?

Do you sometimes feel as if your career aspirations and dreams are out of reach?

Introducing Movie Process - a New York City movie process and organization that has a nonprofit umbrella and puts you the actor in control.

The mission of Movie Process is to empower actors to make, market and distribute their own movies to showcase their acting work and tell stories of social justice and making a difference.

Here’s how it works.

We’re developing a feature film called “Thrillumentary” using a totally original and proprietary movie process.

Each week we archive online the exact same three steps a day movie process that we’re using.

You access these weekly web courses that show you the movie process you need to know to make, market and distribute your own motion picture which showcases your talent.

So go to Movie Process and start to realize your career aspirations and dreams.

Movie Process – empowering actors to make movies.